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What is Home Care?

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Health Care - Hospice Program

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Generations Health Care's mission is to provide professional and paraprofessional services to clients in their homes assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-days self-care activities. We are committed to providing high quality, multidisciplinary health care by professionals who recognize the need for comprehensive assessment of services from both the client and professional's point of view.


At Generations Health Care, we do more than focus on just the medical aspect of responding to health needs. We go the extra mile to focus on the entire system of health care to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Experiential learning throughout the years has taught us that the way to better health lies far beyond what we can physically see or do.  Instead we work towards providing you detail oriented care and attention to strengthen you physically and restore your faith and confidence in yourself to get better, quicker.

Now Accepting

Generations is now accepting the following payment options: 


  • Medicare 

  • Medicaid

  • Ameri Group / Amerivantage

  • Care improvement plus

  • Molina Medicare Advantage

  • Tricare

  • Superior

  • United

  • Workmans Comp

  • Private Pay

  • Most commercial insurances with out of network benefits

Services Provided

Among its major responsibilities the home health team:


  • Manages patients pain / symptoms from acute to chronic illnesses. 

  • Assists with obtaining needed medications, supplies & equipment.

  • Educates the family on how to care for patient

  • Assists the patient and family with integration back into a normal lifestyle from a prior hospitalization, or rehabilitation stay.

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