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What is Home Care?

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Health Care - Hospice Program

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Home health is covered by the following insurance plans:




Home health care services are covered 100% by Medicare; services must be intermittent or part-time and provided by a Medicare-certified home health agency.


To qualify for home health under medicare you must be:


•Older than 65 (some disabled under 65 are exempt from this age requirement)


•Under a physician's care (the physician must authorize and periodically review the home health care plan)

•In need of medically necessary skilled nursing or therapy


Medicaid: A program for low-income individuals, eligibility for which varies by state. Home health care coverage is mandated in all states for people who:


•Receive federally assisted income maintenance payments such as Social Security income or Aid to         Family with Dependent Children

•Are deemed "categorically needy" (individuals who are aged, blind, and/or disabled with incomes above   the mandatory coverage level but below federal poverty levels)  

Veterans Administration:


Home healthcare may be covered for veterans through the Veterans Administration.


Social Services Block Grant Programs:


Federal social services block grants are awarded to states each year for service needs, which may include an allocation to home healthcare agencies.


Community Organizations:


Depending on a patient's eligibility and financial circumstances, certain community organizations may pay for all or part of the necessary home health or care services.




Private Insurance, Managed Care Plans and Workers Compensation: Many private insurance policies, HMOs, PPOs and Workers Compensation plans cover home healthcare when prescribed by a physician. Please review your policy for specific terms.  GENERATIONS HEALTH CARE, INC. is a preferred provider for numerous insurance plans. For insurance cases, GENERATIONS HEALTH CARE, INC. will verify the patient's coverage, including any co-payment, and bill the insurance company or other third-party payer for the patient.




You may have to pay out of pocket for home health care services if you do not meet the requirements of third-party payers. GENERATIONS HEALTH CARE, INC. will invoice you for our services. 

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